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A message from our chapter president: our (updated) guiding principles

Dear CPRS-VI members,

In 2019, our Board of Directors started something new. We got together to talk about how we wanted to work together as a Board, how to support one another as a team, and to create a set of guiding principles to serve our membership. This was above and beyond our chapter's mission and values.

Jump to today. We have a number of new board members, with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. This is a wonderful thing! It also means that it was important for this new group to work together to validate and update our guiding principles. Because doing this thinking and having these discussions helps us connect authentically with one another and builds trust.

We have finished our work on our guiding principles and we want to share them with you. You will note the addition of "diversity" as one of our principles and what that means to us.

This year, using these guiding principles as our foundation, we will work to retain our chapter's membership levels, continue to add value to you for your investment in our professional association, and we will begin to build a mentorship program.

Thank you for trusting us to lead CPRS-VI and we are so proud to be a part of our local communications community with you!

Tatiana Chabeaux-Smith CPRS-VI President

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