• Celia Mary Sollows

(Mis)adventures in Storytelling - Recap

On October 24, CPRS-VI hosted its first-ever storytelling event at the upscale University Club of Victoria.  

Sponsored by the University of Victoria and organized by Maggie Kerr-Southin APR, the event allowed seasoned pros and new practitioners to share stories about the mistakes we make and the lessons we learn along the way.

“This was a great warm-up for Beyond the Hype,” said Kerr-Southin. “It was a valuable opportunity to connect, share and learn.”

The 13 professionals covered everything from ethical blunders and challenges with public engagement, to media missteps and printer errors.

"(Mis)Adventures was an eye-opening, valuable event where stories shared by the professionals offered a great learning experience for all,” said Royal Roads student Janice Lee.

By Celia Sollows, APR

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