Neal Tougas receives Denis Racine Bursary

Neal Tougas was officially presented with the Denis Racine Bursary at the virtual CPRS-VI AGM on June 24, 2020. Neal is sharing the following blog post with us so we can get to know him a little better, as he advances his education in public relations and communications.

I am honoured to be this year’s recipient of the Denis Racine Bursary. Nearing the end of my program, I am excited to continue learning in an environment with inspiring organizations and individuals. The bursary will be dedicated toward my budget in the remaining school year.

Last year, I decided to attend the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication program at Royal Roads University. Since then, I've had opportunities to work alongside organizations in the community. I’ve endured the hardships of an intensive program but embraced many rich experiences. I've challenged myself with projects in multi-media production, communications planning and more.

I am also a volunteer for organizations such as the Royal Roads University Student Association and the Canadian Public Relations Society. Within my roles, I continue to challenge myself as a leader in the community. In November of 2019, I joined RRUSA to Orlando, Florida, for the National Conference on Student Leadership. There we participated with professionals of varying industries from around the continent in engaging workshops.

While studying, I have applied my newfound skills as Vice President of Communications for RRUSA. In previous months, I have been more involved with my university and the community than ever before. Lately, we have been hosting online contests to give students a chance to win a Skip the Dishes coupon, simply by entering an Instagram contest. We constantly strive to build a wider sense of community for the students.

What astonishes me about communications is the relevance it paints on modern society. Every day, I see new topics that recall a portion of my studies. The need to convey clear and effective messages becomes so present, especially today. 2020 has been a ride so far, but it's made me appreciate the importance of my studies, for better or for worse.

I am full of excitement as I enter this new world and prepare for more rich experiences. Thank you to both Denis Racine's family and CRPS-VI for the support. The assistance is greatly appreciated.

- Neal

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