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CPRS-VI is looking for our next treasurer!

Looking for a fun and interesting volunteer role in the Victoria area? Do you have a basic knowledge of budgeting and Excel ? Then you could be our next Treasurer!

The Treasurer accounts for and reports on the investments, budget, revenues and expenditures. This position is responsible for providing a financial report to the Board of Directors each month. The Treasurer role is a two year term (June 2024 to June 2026).


● Serves on the Executive Committee

● Advises the Board of Directors on the Society's Finances and investments, including strategic reserves

● In charge of all funds of the Society and deposits them in a financial institution as approved by the Board

● Gives regular reports to the Board on the financial state of CPRS-VI

● Pays funds owing by the Member Society

● Supervises the bookkeeper, and ensures the upkeep of a ledger of the Society’s income and expenses with support material

● Coordinates the Member Society’s budget process

● Acts as signing authority for payments along with President and/or Co-President and


To find out more about volunteering as Treasurer, or for other opportunities with CPRS-VI, contact our president Alli Boyd here.

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