It’s a Wrap for Beyond the Hype 2018!

We promised to keep it real at Beyond the Hype 2018, and that’s what we did. Really awesome – from what we heard from attendees!

“On behalf of CPRS-VI’s Beyond the Hype 2018 Steering Committee, I want to give a heartfelt thanks to all of our thoughtful speakers and everyone who attended the event,” says Chair Tatiana Chabeaux-Smith. “And the venue….a big shout out to Royal Roads University for their generous sponsorship. The Quarterdeck was ideal for a conference and Hatley Castle, stunningly decked out for the holidays, was the perfect spot for our mixer.”

The conference kicked off with Keynote Speaker Tamara Taggart opening up and sharing her life’s successes and challenges of being a working mom in the competitive news media industry, using her family’s experience with Down Syndrome and her battle with cancer to champion these causes, and the crossroad she now finds herself at 50. “Sometimes you meet yourself back where you started but stronger,” read one of Taggart’s poignant slides. Her personal story brought everyone to their feet in a standing ovation.

A special treat were the insightful visuals from Tara Shanks with Pondering Turtles Graphic Recording & Facilitation. She beautifully captured on 4’ x 8’ paper each speaker’s key ideas. Part of Royal Roads University’s sponsorship were a professional photographer and videographer, whose photos and videos will be shared once they are ready.

Well, that’s a wrap for Beyond the Hype 2018. We hope those who had an opportunity to attend, walked away feeling inspired with helpful tools for their strategic communications toolbox, and some new, meaningful connections.

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