Member Profile: Sabina Saransingh

March is membership month at CPRS! All month, we will be getting to know some of our CPRS-VI members.

Meet Sabina Saransingh.

What’s your current job title & workplace? I'm the Chief Operating Officer and Communications Lead h with the Victoria Harbour Ferry Co Ltd.

How long have you worked in PR/comms? 10 years What’s a specific area of expertise that you have that CPRS-VI members can contact you for advice? Communications management and event planning.

Care to share one of your guilty pleasures? Following Maya the Samoyed on Instagram. What’s your favorite word or expression right now? I have two - community and integrity. Connect with Sabina on LinkedIn.

During March, new members get the initiation fee waived. That's a $50 discount! Curious to know more about becoming a member? Send us an email to cprs-vi.membership@gmail.com. Or simply, join today at https://cprs.ca/Join-us.

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