Pitching an association membership to your organization

You see the value in joining a local professional association but sometimes it can take a little convincing to get financial support from your organization. Here are 5 practical benefits to leverage when trying to get support to join CPRS-VI:

1. Professional development that is free for members. This includes some local in-person events as well access to webinars from CPRS National. You also get discounted rates to all other CPRS-VI events.

2. Free networking opportunities with other PR/Comm professionals in our community. We host mixers for members & their guests. Meeting new people and learning about what others are doing in your field is important as a professional. It helps to stay current and connected. Plus our mixers are casual and really fun!

3. Broaden the scope of your expertise. We are an incredibly supportive community. If you need a resource or the answer to a communications problem, all you have to do is reach out to another member. We help each other. We've seen it happen time and time again.

4. Access to accreditation & credentials. There are a number of accreditation options for CPRS members. These boost both your career & your confidence.

5. There's so much more! Pick one more benefit that resonates with your boss - access to bursaries, awards and scholarships; mentorship opportunities; a formal commitment to our industry's standards and ethics; an annual national conference (the next one is in May 2020 in Quebec City!)...the list goes on.

A CPRS-VI membership is an investment in your personal and professional growth. Join our community today or email our Membership Chair to schedule an in-person chat.

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