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The 2022 recipient of the Denis Racine Bursary

Each year, one recipient is chosen from all applicants for the Denis Racine Bursary. This year, Charles Ross, has been awarded the $1,000 bursary towards his education. He tells us what this means to him:

I am writing to thank you for the financial support and the boost of confidence that accompanies such generosity.

From what I have read about Denis, he was generous with his time mentoring future PR practitioners. He was a marvellous person to have helped so many during his lifetime. His integrity, intellect and passion made him a leader. This bursary is a fitting part of his legacy and it’s an honour to feel Denis’s influence.

It was a challenge for me to make a career change. However, as certain aspects have aligned (such as applying for this bursary and receiving it), it feels like the challenge is worth it.

I never knew how much communications and public relations were a natural part of my former freelancing. Working in the arts was my business for twenty years. I have discovered that there is an artfulness and creativity inherent to PR work—I am happy to have broadened my horizons.

When I talk to my children about change—the trepidation that accompanies travelling into the unknown— I now have a simple incite to share: making a change may seem difficult, but you never know what ally or help you might find along your journey.

I never knew Denis, but his positivity and light help to drive away some of my fears of the unknown. I will try my best to be worthy of this.

My most humble thanks,

Charles Ross

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